Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find a Business or service provider in my city
  • There are two ways to find a business or service provider.
    1. Go to city page and search by category
    2. Use the advanced search page and type in the name of the business.

  • How do I review a business
  • We invite you to provide an objective feedback for business or service providers.
    The best way to write a review is to find the business and click on the "Write a review" link associated with the business to go to the write a review page. You would need to sign-up or create an account with us to review a business or service provider
    Please note that we are looking for objective feedback from actual customers, so please don't review a business if you are associated with it.
    For more information on business review guidelines, visit Reviews - FAQ.

  • How do I set my city to default
  • The website willl always default to the city page that you last visited on Jantareview. You can also bookmark the city page or use the add this button on the city page to bookmark the jantareview website on social networking sites.
    To set to another default city. Go to Change City (on header) > select from popular cities or select state then city

  • How do I add my business to JantaReview Website
  • Click here to to Add a New Business Please do check to ensure that the business is not aleady listed on our website to avoid duplicate entries. If you are a business owner, consider signing up for a Business Owner account with us. For more information, check business owner faq. Contact us if you have more than 10 stores e.g. (you are a store front, franchiser etc) to get your businesses listed on JantaReview.

  • How do I add an event.
  • Click here to to Add an Event If the event is associated with a business or organization, first find the business and then go to add an event page to associate an event with a business.

  • How do I add an Artist/Performer.
  • You can add individual artists or artist group. Click here to to Add an Artist or Performer

  • I know about a great deal that I want to share with Jantareview users. How do I add a deal/sales promotion.
  • You can add deals, discounts, coupons, sales information etc. Click here to to Add a deal or sales . You can also associate an offer with a business or organization, first find the business and then go to add an promotion link from the business page to associate a deal or offer with a business.

  • How do I make my profile public.
  • Your profile is private unless you chose to make your profile public. To do so, go to edit profile page on my accout page and check the public profile checkbox. You can set your public profile preferences. Anonymous reviews, forum discussions, classified postings are not visible in your public profile.

  • When do I post to classifieds?
  • If you are looking to buy or sell items, hire or looking for a job, buy or sell real estate, rent a property or paying guest or roommate, offer local services post A Classifed Ad . Click here to to post a classified.

  • I still can't find what I need. I am looking for further information. What should I do?
  • You can post a question on Jantareview forum. Click here to to post a question. You can also answer questions posted by other members of JantaReview community.

  • Still can't find what you need?
  • Please contact us at support[at]jantareview[dot]com or use the contact form. We are here to help you.

  • I would like to suggest improvements to JantaReview website?
  • We welcome your feedback and appreciate specific feedback to improve JantaReview website. Please contact us at feedback[at]jantareview[dot]com or use the contact form.