Frequently Asked Questions - Photo Gallery

All JantaReview image and photo postings must meet standards in these categories:
  • Images must be family-friendly.
    No profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, sexually explicit or other non-family-friendly content.

  • No copyrighted Images.
    Please do not post copyrighted images for which you do not have ownership.

  • How do I post photos?
    You can post photos using two options:
    1. Upload photos from community or photo gallery section using the upload photos link.
    2. Sign up for a Jantareview account and upload photos from My photos link.

  • How do I publish photos?
    1. Personal Photo gallery - you can publish photos by clicking publish. Please note that you must make your profile public if you would like others to view your photos. These photos will appear on your public profile photo gallery page.
    Steps to publish personal photos -
      a. Sign up to your account.
      b. Make your profile public.
      c. Go to photo gallery
      d. Click add photos button. Add photo and close pop-up box.
      e. Click on publish photo.

    2. Community photo gallery
      a. Please use this link to add a photos.
      b. these photos must be approved before they can be published. Personal or copyrighted photos will not be approved.

  • Can I remove photos that I have added in Photo Gallery
    If you have added photos from your account page, you can remove the photo gallery.

  • And finally...
    Jantareview reserves the right to remove a photo posting at any time for any reason.